Day 26: Still around Mt Gravatt

Woke up late, cuddled for a bit, ate breakfast, then Phuong wandered off to find railway stations with disabled access so she can get her bike on the platform easily. Have decided to stay here another day since there are very few people using the track and we're not very visible from it... and I'm very lazy. So I spend the day reading and sleeping while Phuong rides a lazy 10km or so shopping and looking at trains. Her conclusion is that it's going to involve stairs, so since I have to get up when she does anyway (she's taking the tent), I might as well go with her to the station and help lug her bike up and down stairs. We're both riding quite light bikes now that all the CANC-owned stuff is gone and our "group" gear is mostly gadgets that I'm not willing to donate to CANC (Maurice's solar panel and so on). I'm down to perhaps 70kg including 30kg for the quad (those two giant bins probably weigh 10kg between them, and suddenly a fairing doesn't seem so heavy after all). So the new plan is that we wake at 4:30am, pack up and ride to Banoon station, Phuong goes up and down stairs to the city-bound platform and I take the train 20km or so to get out of the worst of the city. The bike plan booklet doesn't really help this far out in the 'burbs, there don't seem to be any coherent routes and the main egress is via the motorway. So, train to Loonlea or somewhere, then ride.


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