Day 25: Around Mt Gravatt

Phuong has hung out with me for the day, and seems pretty resigned to spending time with me rather than on CANC. But since her "week on the Cycle" turned out to mostly consist of riding into Brisbane, hanging out, then riding out for a total of three days of actual riding in the week she doesn't seem too unhappy.

Dodgy urban bush camp near Mt Gravatt in BrisbaneWe camped in the forest park about 10m off a track then early this morning packed up and from 7am sat in the nearby cemetery in the sun cooking rice for breakfast. Then I sent her back to look for campsites while I packed her panniers into the quad then read science magazines in the sun. Ah, sunshine :) Most of the day was spent shopping for food and reading material - Phuong has 12 hours or so on the train on Sunday to fill in, and I'm going to be slacking around for the next week or so. I've rung work and they're happy to see me back whenever I get back... things are still busy. Megan is still in Sydney, she will hopefully ring me tonight and we can catch up a bit and I might be able to help her out now that I'll be back sooner than expected.

Came back through the uni and showered in a disabled toilet, with me washing all the clothes I was wearing as well as shaving. So nice to be clean... after a whole one night without a shower. Back in Phuong's campsite, which turned out to be very close to the one I'd selected in the dark last night. Bizarre, but in a way not surprising as there's only once decent sealed path through the forest and the quad really doesn't do very well on narrow gravel paths. So now we're 30 or 40 metres further off that path from where we were last night. Closer to the motorway, further from the track and quite unlikely to be seen I think. And less likely to be something people care about.

Phuong just got mugged by a kookaburra. She had just cooked two minute noodles when the bird knocked the billy over, spilling half the noodles on the ground, then sat a metre away waiting for her to leave so it could snaffle her dinner. She is not pleased. I expect the bird will also not be pleased when it discovers just how bad two minute noodles taste.

Phuong: Two minute noodles don't taste bad!!!

All packed up by 5pm and inside the tent after dinner. Now to read and talk for a while.

The plan now is that we ride further out towards the end of a suburban train line tomorrow, then on Sunday Phuong trains into town nice and early for her ride back to Sydney. I will ride south for a week or so by myself and chill out a bit, then bus back. The quad will not go in a bike box, so I don't like my chances of getting it on a countrylink train. But the bus companies should have no problem with it as it will go under a big bus just fine. Even FireFly or Macaffertys should be able to fit it in but since they have less luggage space it might be tight if the bus is full. I will have to see.


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