Day 21: rest day in Caboulture

Beck, Valerie, Robyn and Gina are riding off to Bribie Island for tonight, leaving June, Phuong and me to laze around camp. Cassie is having another day off to do personal stuff but still feeling guilty for not going to look after her mother (who is sick). The plan for us lazy types is that I go into town to shop and upload more blog, then come back here so June can got hassle mall people over lunch. Phuong is going to clean stuff up and try to work out what food we have. Evan is at his brother's place and I was going to join him but think I'll probably just use an internet cafe in town instead. Easier and faster... no half hour train trip each way.

Am currently in the Caboulture library using free internet. Phuong is doing the pedalling, I'm a backseat driver while we shop.

Stats: no loaded riding, very little work. Did about 15km, half of that carrying Phuong, half being carried by Phuong.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

18 July in Colchester with Jane and Llaura have just read all diary so far very interesting. Glad its mostly going well and you've got Phunog with you now. We're loving our touring too. The people we've met especially in Wales the best part. You'd like Wales for biking and walking. We're off to Rome tomorrow and then home at the end of next week. Love Mum

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