Day 12: Maryborough to a state forest

I got little sleep last night despite feeling exhausted, and woke still drained. Packed up early, then had to faff about waiting for a supermarket to open so I could stock up for a day on my own.

pine plantations are boringThe road to Tin Can Beach is boring, as only pine plantation roads can be boring. first it's 20km in a straight line to a turnoff, then turn right and 20km or so later it starts undulating a bit and there's even a few gentle bends for added excitement. I talked to Phuong for an hour or so, coz last night was not good for her - we talked just enough for her to know I was upset, but by the time I could ring her I was tired, grumpy and impatient, so that didn't work very well at all. But today is much better, I'm starting to feel closer to her again.

Also talked to Beck who is still in Sydney and stressed. She's in the process of delaying her trip up to join the ride by a day so she can do more in Sydney, she doesn't have her bike ready and so on. But Phuong is helping with that tomorrow and I think I helped a bit just talking and suggesting she palm more off on Phuong. I am very, very grateful that Phuong is still in Sydney and still helping.

After riding 20km in a straight line I turn the corner and... stop. Well, why not, it's not as if have any real riding to do today. So I spend some quality time with the camera: self portrait in the style of EvanMen of CANC3, part oneroadkill's eye view of the quad

burnt scrub on Tin Can Road
Eventually the pine plantation turns into burnt pine plantation, then military firing range with pine plantation, and at the 45km I'm supposed to stop at it's still pines on one side, guns on the other. There's been no potable water since MB, and only a pretty lunch spot at about 25km to liven up the trip. I dunno if I am going to be able to cope with a whole day sitting in a pine forest tomorrow. But I have to play with the quad again so maybe I'll manage. I'd also like to text Ev though, and I don't have reception. Just saying that after the 25km river spot there's diddly squat might not make his day, but if we're lucky there'll be a camping spot in the next 5km or so that's ok, so they can just do a 50km day. Otherwise they camp where I am or somewhere very like it. Looking at the map that seems unlikely, so I might just do 60km or so into Gympie and leave them to it. Camping in pines sucks. But it looks as though it's 60km from MB to the end of the pines if we're lucky.

Stats: 44km (reset on the edge of town), 3hours, 15kph, 43kph max speed. Totals 314 in 20:10.


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