Day 11: Into Maryborough

I slept in, despite failing to tell Evan etc effectively that I wanted to so they were concerned that I was unwell. The mob left only 15 minutes or so late to have coffee as "Sexie Coffee" until Ev and me joined them about 9:30 for departure. On the way up we paused to get Robyn to take a photo or two for Cheeky Transport and Phuong. Ev is ... fond of exposing his belly button, shall we say:
Moz and Ev posing with their loads on CANC outside Maryboroughthe boys loaded up
Moz and Evan being cool on CANC3we is cool
we like Evan's belly button

Rode about 8km into town, easy road and we were just on the edge of town as I suspected. Found the park, then the rotunda and were there a bit after 10am for our 11am media appointment. I do some group photos and manage to not offend the other artistic directors too much I hope.

Currently unpacking at June's daughter's house, so riding for the day with a load: 15km, 1 hour, 40kph max speed. The plan is that everyone else is going to have lunch in the park, then someone will come back so I can do internet for an hour or so. There's a dog here that I don't trust not to go through my gear, and I really can't secure it except in my bike. I also want to buy a metal box about 15cm high to put under the solar box+camera box so that those are at the top of the bin and accessible. Packing has settled down a bit, but I am wondering if a few more bags for stuff might help. On the whole I think not, but I'm still kinda grinding ideas through in my head. Evan seems to carry as much volume as I do, possibly more, and I want to try the experiment one day. Now, photo processing.

Group photos (bigger images linked):
CANC3 group photoCANC3 group photoCANC3 group photo


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Blogger takver said...

Wish I was cycling with you. Have posted an article to Sydney Indymedia on the start of the ride.

Shall try to keep track of your progress and perhaps do some update articles.

Back to school for me on Monday.

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