Day 2: to Mount Larcom

Woke at 6am, it was (still) raining. Quite warm overnight, almost uncomfortably so. Got out of bed about 7am and kicked the rest of the group into life. Was on the road by 8, after doing my 20 minutes of baby minding for the day. It's surprisingly hard to pack up when one arm is occupied by a baby. And the baby was unwilling to just sit on the quad seat... too many dirty things to chew on within easy reach. So we had a brief struggle over which bits of the bike are edible, then I gave up and just babysat.

The weather remains poor for cycling, 10/10 overcast with occasional breaks in the drizzle. Anything you leave outside will be wet in short order so it's a bit hard on the new cyclists. So we're sitting in a cabin at a roadhouse just outside Mount Larcom while it drizzles outside. And I have mains to type up my blog :)

We're now knee deep in our second meeting. First we did about an hour of "are we going to keep riding or what", and the answer was no. Val has rented a cabin, so has Anna. Both are wet, cold and not able to do another night in the rain. I expect I'll crawl out of here after dinner and camp along the road a bit. Then it's straight into a strategy/planning meeting. For about two hours. I'm hungry and well over meetings by the time the meeting starts. An excellent time to pull out the laptop and start typing stuff up.

I wandered out about 7pm during a break in the rain and found a campsite up the road a little. Easy enough, I just wanted to pitch the hammock and sleep. Only real note for the night is that the hammock quilt thing is worthless, as soon as there was a breath of wind I felt quite excessively cold so I grabbed the thermarest and slept on that in the hammock. So there's $100 or so that I need to do much work on the make it useful. I've already safety pinned the cover to the hammock to try to reduce air circulation, and tried to make sure there's loose cloth so the air gab exists even when I'm in it. But I obviously need to work on that some more.


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