Day Minus One

We bludged pre-ride transport organisation from the Peace Convergence that happened at Yeppoon/Shoalhaven over the weekend 23/24 June. The ride starts tomorrow so we're in Yeppoon and heading towards Rockhampton later today. 40km or so, no big dramas assuming the rain stays away and we manage to leave more or less on time.

Georgie had only briefly ridden the recumbent before the ride started, and never with cleats on her shoes. So while we were hanging around the camp she decided to practice doing that. A certain amount of concentration is needed :) Gina rides

Did peace action stuff most of the day. There was the big Peace Convergence parade/march at lunchtime, then the open mic for another four hours. The parade had a lot of people and some quite well done costumes.

... it turns into a giant pineapple.

Somewhere between 500 and 1000 people marched - I was a little surprised at just how many people turned up. peace march

Radio interviews from 5pm to 6pm, then rode out towards Rockhampton. Most of the gear travelled in Robyn's boyfriend's troopy so we could go faster and therefore stay later in Yeppoon. Evan bonked really badly half way after towing the trailer for a while with a flat tyre - luckily the trailer was empty so the flat was just kinda annoying rather than completely tube-destroying. But we should have had dinner before we left Yeppoon, so instead Evan ate one of my power bars. They look like partly-digested ... um, bran, yeah, bran, that's it... kinda brown and fibrous. And don't taste much better. But he ate it anyway.

Once we got to Rocky we rode straight thru and thanks to help from Pete and Robyn in the car managed not to get lost. We stayed the night in a house attached to the Catholic Church (thanks to Evan working for the ANU), then met up the next day in a park for our official departure.


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