Preparations II

Once again, no photos. Sorry.

Changed the rear axle bearings in the quad on Sunday because they were making nasty noises. That took an hour or so of thumping things at Megan's place but it's done now and the quad is noticably easier to push. Martin also set up the front brakes properly at work yesterday so that helps too. But it's raining quite enthusiastically in Sydney this week so I'm riding BinBike today. I need to buy more stuff, so I'm up for my third trip to Bunnings today unless Phuong has an outbreak of generousity and does it for me. That would also save me money, because going into Bunnings and Coventry Fasteners is always an expensive experience.

Am also piling stuff up in Phuong's shed ready to go. Carrying the stove round to her place last night showed that the tap on the fuel tank tends to vibrate open while I'm riding. Which is bad - fuel all over the place. So that needs to be sorted out. I also need chopping boards, knives and peelers. So more shopping.

My hammock is up in Phuong's shed, so I will try sleeping in that tonight. Or perhaps tomorrow, it's supposed be "gale force winds and heavy rain" tonight.


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