Not lazy - Touring NZ

I am not lazy, just busy.

I've finally started putting up the photos and stuff from my cycle touring round New Zealand in the summer 2004/2005. I came back with lots of photos and immediately went to Tasmania for a couple of weeks (more photos) then came back and started a new job. After a month of that I finally found a place to live and could set up my computer. Somehow the urgency of the photos had gone by then.

But now that I'm playing with photos again and have a bit of time to spend on it, I've started going through the NZ trip. So, start here

I went over for solstice, my gran's 90th and for a holiday. I spent two months there, and biked from Christchurch up to Nelson via the west coast, then up onto the Takaka Hill for a night, then after solstice biked from Christchurch down through Tekapo and did a bit of the Otago Rail Trail before heading back to Christchurch.

With any luck I'll be putting up a few days travelogue every few days.


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