Binbike in progress

Ok, after a long break (my collarbone) I'm back building. Many photos are up and life is a riot in general.

The bike is together and rideable, undergoing testing while I make a list of all the things I still have to do.
  • Rohloff reaction arm mount
  • fix the joint at the top of my down tube
  • cable holding loops (5mm long bits of ~22mm hammered into a low oval maybe)
  • pannier rails
  • rear light mount
  • seat tube and head tube bracing struts
  • trailer hitch weld a 10mm nut onto the dropout so it clears the rohloff and brake
  • front mudguard mounts
  • front brake rotor clearance from the fork. I've filed this down, but it needs more work. Possibly even grind it right back and braze a small plate in.

I've washed it a lot, scrubbed it a bit and it still has scale and cruft on it from brazing. Hopefully the worst of the flux is gone from inside the frame. lesson from that is that unless you can submerse the whole frame for a few hours it's probably not worth the hassle.
I let it dry a bit in the sun then added oil to the accessible tubes - many have holes in them either for bolting things to or just because (the main tube, for instance). The oil revealed a couple of leaks, so I am going to have another go at the top of the down tube since that's kind of important.
Then I rubbed oil all over it to discourage rust. Now it's dirty and stinky but not rusty, which is good - I was getting instant surface rust as the bike dried after its shower.
Then in to the Monkey to get the bearing race hammered onto the fork I could assemble it. Including making up a new Rohloff shifter (shifters are cheap, compared to the hub, but swapping them between bikes is a pain. So, one per bike and one hub total). And i discovered that the front fork with added disk mounts is not actually built for a disk wheel! Shocking!
What that meant was that once the wheel was in and the quick release done up the wheel wouldn't go round. So I filed away a mm or two of metal, and now there's a paper thin section on that fork. I'll tidy it up with the grinder when I'm back in the workshop, and decide whether I need to add a plate to bulk it up then. It's a beefy fork so probably not.


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