Off on CANC soon

I'm getting ready to go off on Cycle Against the Nuclear Cycle III soon. Next week, to be precise. Much preparation still to be done. But I have the leave from work organised, and I have a new bike to ride on the tour (new tour = new bike, naturally). I was thinking of taking BinBike but was chatting with Ben at Trisled and got talked into buying his prototype four-wheeler (half way down that page).

The quad carries a bit less than BinBike it's a lot more stable and the load is all in one place. Three recycling bins plus four panniers is a lot of stuff, and that's pretty much what I took to Peats Ridge Festival over new year. That's what the bike will take, but I wimped out and only took one bin in the end I think (it all weighed about 80kg anyway). The quad just has one (big) bin, and that bin can have two recycling bins dropped into it but that still leaves me with four panniers left over. Hopefully this will reduce the amount of junk I end up carrying.

I'm doing logistics for the ride, and right now I have a stove (3 burner liquid fuel, 8.5kg fully fuelled compared to ~50kg for the same in LPG) plus 10kg of pots and utensils for it. Presumably at some stage I will also acquite food, but I have barely begun to think about that (see: stuff to do). I'm probably taking Maurice's wheely bin sound system solar panel and battery, hopefully with a laptop-powering attachment so I can run the laptop and charge stuff off the panel.

Meeting tonight!


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