Day 9: Through Childers.

4th of July, on this day the US celebrate their defeat of the British in a colonial war a long time ago. I wonder if the native americans have an equivalent to Survival Day?

CANC found an interesting jawbone near ChildersWe camped a little way out of Bundaberg in a small National Park. Valerie found this interesting jawbone - horizontal incisors and split canines. Quite a nice campsite, we sort of spread out around a random spot on the track we were following. As usual I was up and away fairly early compared to the rest of the group, and a couple of hours later I was happily sitting at the top of a steep hill waiting for the rest of the mob. I have a wee word with the avocado orchardist whose tree's I'm sitting under,and he's ok with me/us being there. When Cassie arrives she asks if it's ok to pick up windfall and he's fine with that.

CANC the Quad riding up a steep hill CANC Cassie riding down a steep hill Robyn riding u[p a steep hill outside Childers on CANC The CANC mob riding up hill

Three hours or so after I got there everyone else arrived, at least as far as the top of the previous hill. There's a big dip, see, and from the top of one side the other side looks longer and steeper than it actually is. So they had a wee rest break there and after a while Robbie rode over to tell me that. So I walked back and got June's bike and rode that up standing on the pedals because (as you'd hope) the bike is much too small for me.

We sit and eat lunch and faff while the day cools down a bit, but we really need to ride more than 25km today so there will be more riding later. The only excitement is when someone stops their car and a passenger gets out. Ev says hi but the girl grabs my pack off the top of the quad and starts towards the car - Ev yells, I jump out of the hammock and start running, she drops the pack and runs for the car. So nothing stolen, but it was close and if she hadn't dropped the pack I would have lost the pack, my headtorch, and my pillow. So we're grumpy with a blue station wagon, probably a Toyota Camry, rego 118 BYE or BYC. Will have to chat to the plod next time I'm in town.

About 3pm we get moving again, the goal being to get to the A1 near Childers and do about 10km towards Maryborough today. That proves pretty simple, we stock up on water then I find a dodgy campsite next to the main road and we settle in. There's not a lot of good sites visible, and it's getting dark so first usable site it is. It's not too bad, an old rest area/roadbed so we have a wall of dirt between us and the road for the most part. Except Cassie and June who elect to camp up on the flat above the rest of us, directly exposed to truck noise all night. That makes them less happy the next morning than they expected when they chose the nice flat camping spot.

CANC's dodgy campsite on the side of the A1I end up with Valerie and Hope next to me, which isn't as bad as I expected, I managed to sleep through any noise that Hope makes and instead enjoy a nice view of the stars as I pitched the fly to give me that. It was a warm night and I enjoyed it.

42.46km ridden, 2:45 taken, 15.3kph, 54kmh max. To date: 203km in 13:13 hours.


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