Day 10: The Bruce!

CANC sunriseToday was a suprisingly cruisy ride. I was on the road about 7:40 after Evan got me up at 6:20 or so. No phone reception again last night, or more accurately the usual "enough for SMS and to make calls, just not enough to get anything useful out of them".

excellent roadsThe road was excellent this morning, I got twenty kilometres of flat, straight road with a really nice smooth seal and a slightly theoretical tail wind, so that got me through the first hour. Truly excellent riding, and there was a shoulder too. So I made up a wee poem for the road gods, and then thought I should write it down but didn't. So it remains a sacrifice to the road gods alone. But thanks also to the Queensland roads people.

After the there were a few more bumps in the road and the odd bit of crappy chipseal, but I was still cruising along nicely. Rang TriSled to get Ben to post some tyres up for me, Schwalbe Big Apples with a kevlar belt in the hope that they'll do better on the left hand rear wheels of both Evan and I (those spend a lot of time in the dirt and Ev's been getting regular punctures in that tyre). I turned in to some dormitory suburb about 10km outside Maryborough looking for a shop and water, but it was pure slumberton. But there's a bit serious roadhouse a little further on, so I rock into there and have hot chips for lunch at about 11am.

After a wee break I did a bit of a scouting mission and found a moderately ok campsite with a track leading in a more promising direction. Then wandered back towards the road and sent a couple of text messages telling people where I was. Just pitched the hammock and Robyn came back to where I was, turns out that everyone except Evan decided to visit the roadhouse first.

CANC camp at the end of day 10We ended up camping well off the main road but in the ok-ish site where we can see the roadhouse (hence,they can see us) but we're kinda hiding and hoping for the best. Hopefully in the photo you can see road and signage in the background, the roadhouse is just off to the left a little. Once agin people are using the daylight to faff about, so dinner will be after dark again. But at least the rest of the mob managed to get out of camp this morning before 10am.


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