Day 22: CREEC - Caboulture Regional Environmental Education Centre and Sue's place

An extremely easy day to day - the predicted distance is 14km :) We laze about as planned then head up the road to a shopping centre to buy junk food and June wants to try a stall. As expected it's fairly hard but the shopping is good. Except that I end up walking about 2 kilometres inside the bloody mall as I traipse up and down looking for stuff. Batteries at the opposite end of the mall to where I started, then internet access right back down the other end of a T-shaped mall, then finally back out the end of the T. But wait, must go back and visit more shops. But eventually that's over and with gentle prompting from a security guard we proceed towards CREEC.

Which turns out to be as far away as advertised (Whereis.com.au is like that), except that it's not number 98 in the street, it's about 500m past that house. We find it anyway, then wander in and chat to Wayne who works there since it's not even close to the 3pm official arrival time. We left the mall about 11, it was maybe 8km from the mall to CREEC... 3 hours of lazing about and napping until the group arrive.

Then it's all organising dinner, running round in circles... and discovering that public meeting consists of us, a couple of anti-nuke activists and a couple of members of The Greens who have an interest in nukes. So a couple of hours later we've learned a little and are ready to depart into stinging cold air for a 10km ride to Sue's place. Valerie is going to go to Paul's place about a kilometre away because Hope is not into night rides or cold air, then meet us tomorrow.

Moz and a digger toy in the sandpitPhuong and Moz in the quadPhuong ridingPaul riding the quad at CREECBogan Moz (Phuong's sunglasses and photo)Phuong plays on a digger toyCANC meeting at CREECWindmill with toy possum at CREECCANC at CREECSunset at CREECSunset at CREEC


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