Day 21: rest day in Caboulture (Phuong)

Phuong says:

Yesterday we had meetings. I cooked everyone dinner so I could get out of attending the meeting. Apparently the meeting was about group dynamics and how it had previously been operating, so no one really felt I had to attend. Which was good. Paul (guy from The Greens) rocked up to greet us. He had arranged for our free campsite and was coming to say hi. We stood around and spoke for a while, Evan held a bicycle workshop to fix someone's bike and we had dinner. Dinner was followed by another meeting about where and when it might be acceptable to use a motor vehicle. I can't quite remember the phrasing, but it was something along the lines of "in cases of distress, danger, sickness". And so that discussion went quite well. Evan left to go back to his brother's place, and everyone else proceeded to go to sleep. Cassie left and slept at her friend's place.

Today I rode the Quad into town with Moz in the bin, so it was quite entertaining to see the look on people's faces when they saw what was happening. We went grocery shopping and eventually found a library with free internet access. I rode around to find other bike shops while Moz used the library facilities. We later took the Quad to have its spokes fixed, then rode back to camp. June had wondered over to the campsite about 100m from ours and had friendly chats with the people there. They had a fire so June seemed to quite enjoy standing around there as it was getting dark. We agreed to leave around 10am tomorrow in order to continue the ride. So today was another relaxing day. Well, except maybe for Phuong who's carrying about 70kg I think, more than her own bodyweight in junk. Half of which is mine... an 8kg tent instead of a 2kg hammock, so that we can sleep together for instance. I'm not complaining :)


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