Day 22: CREEC (Phuong)

Phuong says:

We woke up and packed and June was ready to go, which was great! June had suggested we should go to Morayfields Shopping Centre, which was halfway towards tonight's destination, to do a stall there. So that's what we did. The stall didn't last too long before we were asked to move along by a friendly security guard. So we continued our trip. The ride was slow and quite comfortable. The weather was great and there wasn't much wind at all. We arrived at CREEC around 1pm. I spotted the playground that they had and proceeded to run around and play for a while and was shortly joined by Moz and June. There was a really cool earth-moving stationary playground toy that I'd never seen before and it was really cool! Moz and I decided to take a nap underneath the sails around the back. We woke up a couple of hours later to find Cassie had arrived. Moz, Cassie and I later cycled up the road (me cycling the Quad with Moz in the back) to find the pub 'cause we were craving for wedges. After filling our stomachs I chauffeured Moz back to the CREEC. Everyone else had arrived at that time (barring Evan, who we later discovered was riding his bike to where we were rather than catching the train). Paul was there as I was pulling up to the building and he had a go at riding the Quad. We all ate dinner and chatted to the other people who later arrived. The public meeting began and soon it was late and dark. Time to go home. Valerie wasn't going to be able to cycle the 10km to Sue's place and so took up the offer of Paul to sleep at his place, which was 1km away, that evening. So we set off into the night in one long line of flashing lights until we eventually arrived at Sue's. Moz and I quickly jumped on the offer of a bed and quickly took a shower and went to sleep. Others stayed up and chatted for a while before going off to bed. I'm finally starting to ride!


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