Moving big things again

As part of my ongoing (destructive) testing of the Trisled load-carrying quad I've been using it during our latest house move. Most of the work was done with a hired van, but we had a heap of stuff that wouldn't fit in the one trip, and I was keen to move by bike as much as possible. So I've been dragging stuff the couple of kilometres between flats (downhill, uphill, down, up, down then steep but short uphill... longest flat section is about 300m). Mostly I've been using BinBike because I'm riding that to work every day. That will carry most things, including Phuong's desk (1.2m long, tied to the rear rack) and it tows megatrailer for the ugly bits (my shelves which are 2.6m long). Of course, we destroyed another wheel doing that because megatrailer has cheap, trashed wheels from found BMX bikes on it.

But I've been using the quad for a few things. We got a washing machine the other day, so I took the bin off and put a bit of plywood in place, then rode off the get the machine. It turned out to be one of the new lightweight ones so that was no real hassle, but it attracted a certain amount of attention. Plus the weather has responded to our move by raining with some enthusiasm, so I've been using the bins to keep stuff dry as I move it.

This weekend I will be taking it apart and shipping the rear end back to Ben for a com plete rebuild, he's putting a Rohloff in it and hopefully two wheel drive. That should solve most of the current problems, so I can work on finding new ones :)


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