20" Wheeled Commuter Bike

I've destroyed two 8 speed Shitmano nexus hubs so far, they each lasted about 5000km before failing. I've decided they are just not designed for people like me. So I've got a third one in my commuter (a 26" wheel On-One "Inbred" singlespeed frame). I'm pretty happy with the bike except for the hub, but putting a proper hub into it would be quite tricky, and I'd have to buy another one (about $2000).

So instead I will spend way more than $2000 on a TIG welder, tools and tubing to build my own. I told you I was a really smart guy!

Moz's 20" wheel commuter plansMy plan at this stage is to put my 20" wheel Rohloff into a forth bike, this time a fairly lightweight commuting frame. Possibly even a frame that breaks in the middle so it packs smaller for transport. If the bike works I'll build one for Phuong too, as her existing 24" wheel MTB is somewhat on the heavy side for someone who only weighs 50kg or so.

But first there's tools to acquire, workshop to arrange, and bits to buy.


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