Today was another time I'm glad to own the quad. Since last posting Ben (TriSled) has added a Rohloff and two wheel drive. And 5kg I reckon, it's up to about 33kg without bin now. But it is excellent to ride now, traction is noticably improved and the Rohloff... is a Rohloff. So nice. I have a 30/50-ish double chainring on it which has a shifter but is pretty much loaded/unloaded gearing. Tyhe hub is geared down about 2:3 before the rear axle so gearing is pretty low. I could put a smaller chainring on (triple) to get decent gears for really steep hills when I'm loaded but I might wait until the warranty on the Rohloff expires.

Here's me weighing the beastie: (Click for large)

Total about 200kg of load. Felt quite good to ride (the garden shop is a long, gentle uphill from here so coming back is mostly a matter of occasional pedallingto get up slight rises in and overall downhill trend. I still managed to get a bit sweaty though.

More photos on moz.net.nz (Bibble is giving me the shits so I've just deleted the index file and left you to it)


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