Rocco's version of One Less Ute

I just got email from an italian called Rocco who was inspired by www.mozbike.com to create his own version of One Less Ute. it's very cool, and I like hearing from people that have done stuff like this with my help.

Rocco's version of One Less Ute

That's currently hosted on a site, www.piubici.org that promoted cycling in Milan which he's helped to set up. In Italian, for those who read that language. There's cool pictures for the rest of us.


Fancy Trailer

I've been thinking about a replacement for MegaTrailer for a while now. MegaTrailer is big and old, and I've donated it to Bike Club. Basically, I'm trying to justify spending big bucks on a TIG welder and this is yet another project that will use it :)

3D CAD sketch of Fancy Trailer

Simple design, easy enough to execute, and should work quite well. I've got a proper write-up page on MozBike